Sören Unge -
Sören Unge is since 1971 active as a pedagogue and pianist. Between the years 1974-1996, he taught piano methodology at Örebro Academy of music. He has been employed at the Kumla music school 1972-1980 and since 1980 has been employed on a full-time basis at Örebro School Culture.
He has on several occasions held study days at various music schools with the theme of "piano teaching in different forms".
Sören composes music for piano, often for pedagogical purposes in different stages, but also for concert use and sometimes for the ensemble.
At the EPTA's (European Pianoteachers Association) Congress in Stockholm in 2012 attended Sören with lecture and demonstration of the concept of "Piano ensemble".
2011 received Sören, of the Royal Academy of music, May von Rosen Piano Educator Award
and is since 2011 Board member of EPTA Sweden - Swedish pedagogue Federation.